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Cancer Surgeries

Cancer Surgeries

Now there is Hope for everyone!

Every year, thousands of people battle Cancer. If you or any of your family members are dealing with Cancer, now there is hope. At Purple Heron Hospitals, we provide Comprehensive Cancer Care to patients.

By combining years of experience & groundbreaking research, we can put patients' needs first. We are here to help them battle cancer with the most compassionate & effective Cancer treatment.

Get back to your life with Specialised Cancer Care

Dealing with Cancer can be draining, physically & mentally. We completely understand this. So we dedicate ourselves to ensuring each patient gets specialised care & can get back to their life as soon as possible.

At Purple Heron Hospitals, you have an opportunity to access world-class cancer treatment. Our in-house Surgical Oncologists constantly keep up with the advancing technology & cancer research. This helps us offer our patients the most effective & advanced care with the best side-effect management. We prioritise our patients' needs & their quality of life post-treatment to ensure they can easily defeat Cancer.

Here is the list of all the types of Cancer Surgeries that we perform:

Biopsy Surgery

Biopsy surgeries are performed to diagnose numerous types of Cancer. Depending on the possible sight of Cancer & the condition of the patient, multiple methods are used for Biopsy Surgeries.

Some primary methods include Needle Biopsy, Surgical Biopsy, Endoscopic Biopsy, Image-guided biopsy, Laparoscopic Biopsy & Bone Marrow Biopsy.

Our experts will suggest what biopsy options are best suitable for you during the consultation period.

What Cancer Surgeries do we offer at Purple Heron

Cancer Surgeries are one of the most reliable & well-known ways to treat Cancer. Our in-house team of Surgical Oncologists specialises in different cancer surgeries. Cancer Surgeries are performed primarily for three primary reasons:

  • To diagnose & determined whether you have Cancer
  • To locate the exact position of the Cancer
  • To remove the maligning cancer tumour

Fight Cancer the Right way at Purple Heron Hospitals

The fight of every individual against Cancer is different. Cancer's impact on a person's psychology, health & emotions is different. So to achieve the best Cancer Care, it's critical to have a customised care plan that meets an individual's requirements.

At Purple Heron Hospitals, we take a personalised approach to treating cancer patients. We have a caring & Supportive team that ensures each patient receives the care they deserve.

When you choose Purple Heron Hospitals for your Cancer Treatment, you can expect the following:

Quality Treatment

We have a team of specialists that takes a specialised approach for each patient. With unmatched commitment, our team deploys their years of expertise & experience to make you feel better. Our supportive team also helps patients post-procedure to ensure a quick recovery & best results.

State-of-the-art facility

 We have one of India's most hi-tech O.T. & infrastructure that empowers us to deliver the best care. We use precision tools & medications to offer personalised treatment. Our specialists are experts in their respective fields & are well-trained to take on these complex diseases.

In-house Multi-disciplinary team

We have an in-house team for each discipline. Whether it's anaesthesia, operation or post-procedure care, we have a team of experts from each field. So no matter what a patient's medical needs are, we are well-equipped to address them with our in-house teams.

Focused treatment options

Each team at Purple Heron Hospitals is focused on offering you the best diagnosis & treatment. We take pride in our transparent approach that helps us deliver more attentive care. Our team keeps the patient in the loop, helping them make informed decisions on each matter.

We take pride in offering personalised care to our patients with the help of groundbreaking research & advanced treatment alternatives. We fuse our expertise, experience & advancing technology to provide comprehensive cancer care & achieve the best results for our patients

Here’s a quick look at our Infrastructure & Facilities:

Advanced O.T. COMPLEX

We have an Ultra-modern, ergonomically advanced, state-of-the-art Operation Theatre designed to prevent infection or cross-contamination.

ZEISS TIVATO 700: Rajasthan's 1st Advanced Microscope

It is an advanced visualisation system that can transform possibilities into realities. It visualises with 4k Roddy, ensuring ultimate reach, flexibility and stability. This microscope is Rajasthan's 1st advanced microscope for uncompromised performance.


Ergonomically designed & users friendly Operating table. It ensures ultimate comfort for patients in various positions during surgical procedures.

Debulking Surgery

This surgery is extremely helpful in conditions where the tumour's size has grown significantly. Such a large-sized tumour might not be removed without damaging other adjacent organs.

In such cases, our Surgical Oncologists prefer removing a part or section of the tumour. This reduces the size of the tumour & the rest of the tumour is treated using other treatment options like Chemotherapy.

At Purple Heron Hospitals, our in-house Surgical Oncologists have extensive experience in Debunking Surgeries. Such massive expertise, along with the ultra-modern equipment & hi-tech infrastructure, allows us to offer the best Cancer treatment to our patients

 Palliative Surgery

Sometimes, Cancer reaches an advanced stage, and it becomes difficult to treat it completely. But our team can help you lead a better life by eliminating the side effects caused by the cancer tumour. Such surgeries for relieving the patients' issues related to the Cancer tumour are known as palliative surgeries.

At Purple Heron Hospitals, we have some of the best Palliative Surgeons in India who can help you lead a better life, even with Cancer.

Here are some ways palliative surgery can help you lead a better life.

  • It can be beneficial in stopping bleeding.
  • It can remove the blockage in the digestive system
  • It can help you achieve relief from nerve pain.


  • What is Cancer?

    The human body is made of tiny building blocks called cells. Thousands of cells in our body are born & die daily. But for various reasons, the cell growth goes out of control & big lumps or tumours of these cells are formed in the body.

    This condition is known as Cancer.

  • Can smoking cause Cancer?

    Yes, smoking is responsible for Cancer in a large section of the population. If you avoid smoking, you can drastically reduce your chances of getting infected with Cancer.

  • Is it possible to prevent Cancer?

    According to the current research, experts believe most Cancer can be prevented by adopting healthy habits.

    These habits include avoiding smoking, staying safe in the sun, adopting safe sexual behaviour, restricting fat intake & eating food with high-fibre content can help prevent Cancer.

  • How long will it take to treat my Cancer?

    The duration of cancer treatment varies widely, depending on numerous factors. Some factors include the status of your disease, what stage the Cancer has reached, the patient’s age, whether the Cancer has spread in the surrounding regions and what treatment alternatives the patient prefers.

    So to know the duration of your Cancer treatment, we recommend talking to our experts for better insight.