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Face Makeover Surgery

Face Makeover Surgery

Look more Graceful than ever with our Premier Face Makeover Surgery

Due to the natural ageing process, your face will show signs like lines & wrinkles. This gives your face an aged look. You might be dealing with some extra skin & fat cells that might need a fix to restore your natural beauty. Or maybe you want to reshape your chin or Nose to look more attractive.

At Purple Heron Hospitals, we offer premier Face Makeover Surgeries that can help you achieve the desired results. Our experienced plastic surgeons specialize in improving facial aesthetics with some of the most advanced procedures

Pinnacle of Perfection

Face Makeover Surgeries are some of the most complex cosmetic surgeries. They demand exceptional precision, an in-depth understanding of facial anatomy & experience. At Purple Heron Hospitals, we have enough of all.

Our experts ensure a patient’s overall appearance looks perfectly natural post the procedure. By adopting some of the most advanced equipment & techniques, we ensure you achieve the pinnacle of perfection with our premier Face Makeover Surgery.

Get Noticed Wherever you Go

tightening skin, enhancing youthfulness & eliminating wrinkles.

Our specialists undertake highly advanced procedures at our state-of-the-art facilities with advanced equipment to reshape your face. We give you a youthful & refreshing look to your face through skin, ligaments & muscle tightening.

Our surgeons make inconspicuous incisions in your skin's natural folds & behind your hairlines. This ensures the minimal scarring fades quickly & without being noticed. If needed, our surgeons infuse fat or similar substance in the flatter areas of your face for upliftment & deliver lasting results.

Many of our patients appear 12-15 years younger after undergoing our Face Makeover Procedures.

What Face Makeover Surgeries do we offer?

At Purple Heron Hospitals, we constantly work to help our patients achieve a younger look & a perfect face. To achieve these results, we offer multiple Face Makeover Surgeries as listed below:



If you want to get rid of those lines & wrinkles appearing due to ageing or want to enhance your facial aesthetics, a Facelift is a perfect choice. In fact, a Facelift is one of the most popular surgeries amongst our patients.

Under this procedure, our experienced Plastic Surgeons improve your facial appearance by augmenting your face’s shape & ideal proportion. This includes stretching the skin, fat repositioning, wrinkle elimination & fat transfer. If needed, our specialists also optimize ligaments, facial muscles & fat cells to offer permanent results.

We ensure our patients achieve their desired level of facial aesthetics that look absolutely normal.


Chin Augmentation

Genioplasty, often known as Chin Augmentation procedure, is a facial aesthetic improvement procedure performed to bring the chin under ideal proportion. This surgery is performed primarily along with Neck Lift & Facelift to strengthen the jawline & achieve a youthful look.

At Purple Heron Hospitals, our plastic surgeons help patients achieve a perfect chin that enhances their facial appearance.

This is achieved either by bone reduction surgery or by adding implants, depending on the patient's aesthetic needs. The implants are generally made from bone-like material known as silastic or hydroxyapatite granules.


Lip Augmentation

Your lips are one of the first facial features that people notice. Having a perfect pair of vivacious lips gives you an attractive facial contour. But if you have ill-defined lips or thin lips, you might want to consider a Lip Augmentation procedure.

Under Lip Augmentation Procedure, we can offer you a perfect pair of lips. Whether you need a temporary augmentation or a permanent one, we can help you with both.

In the Temporary Lip Augmentation procedure, our experts use temporary fillers to enhance your lips in the most natural way. Our experts can enhance your lips with surgical implants if you need a permanent solution.


Rhinoplasty (Nose surgery)

Sometimes, an irregular shape of the Nose poses a threat not only to the cosmetic appearance but also to the natural breathing function. Thankfully, our specialist surgeons can help reshape your Nose if you are dealing with these issues with Rhinoplasty or Nose Surgery.

The procedure includes changing the appearance of the Nose & fixes the contours of the Nose impacted by any trauma.

Rhinoplasty can fix numerous other issues like facial proportion imbalance, size & structure of the nostrils, depressions on the bridge, upturned or large nostrils and nasal asymmetry.


Neck Lift Procedure

If you are dealing with issues like double chins, excessive fat deposition in the neck, neck bands or jowls, a Neck Lift procedure can come to your aid. Although the Neck Lift procedure is performed to fix the neck's appearance, it enhances your face's overall appearance.

The Neck Lift procedure is often performed as a complementary procedure along with your overall Face Makeover Surgery. It's an outpatient & one of the simplest procedures that can deliver excellent results.

At Purple Heron Hospitals, we have Neck Lift procedure specialists who can help you achieve the desired appearance for your neck.


Brow Lift

Dropping or tired brows are seriously troubled areas for a lot of people. Such brows make them look tired & angry all the time! But a brow-lift surgery from professional plastic surgeons at Purple Heron Hospitals can help you eliminate such brows.

Under this Procedure, Our expert surgeons will fix the cosmetic appearance; eliminate wrinkles, & sagging brows. This will make the patient look more cheerful & less sleepy. This procedure can help patients fight brow-related signs of ageing effectively.


Facial Fat Transfer & Augmentation

Ageing is a natural process & its effects are hard to reverse. But the professionals at Purple Heron Hospitals can help reduce or fade certain signs of ageing like wrinkles & folds with Fat Transfer. Fat Transfer is a cosmetic procedure that helps restore the fat-loss in some facial regions due to ageing or any accident.

For this, the fat is taken from the patients themselves to eliminate the risk of rejection. This is a pretty simple procedure that delivers excellent results to the patients. Additionally, the recovery time is relatively less too.


Cosmetic Eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty)

If you struggle with excessive fat deposition on your eyelids or dropping skin from the upper lids, eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty) can offer you much relief. The procedure helps reduce the puffiness of the eyes, eliminates bagginess & might help minimize dark circles.

This is an outpatient procedure, and the results can be visible in just a few days. The incisions performed by our specialist are in the regions that can be naturally concealed, eliminating the risk of visible scars.

Make the right Choice Achieve the best Results

Face Makeover Surgery involves multiple procedures that demand perfection & precision. It's critical to consult a surgeon with extensive field experience. You must not risk your facial aesthetics by consulting an inexperienced surgeon, as it involves greater risk.

At Purple Heron Hospitals, we customize every procedure around our patients' needs, ensuring they get the best results. We have a team of experienced plastic surgeons who have collectively performed thousands of such procedures.

We utilize the most advanced technology, aided by our expertise & to ensure quick healing with unmatched results. Our procedure will help you achieve a perfect facial contour, a refreshing look & elevated cheeks that will make you look stunningly younger.So make the right choice today.


Why do patients prefer Face Makeover Surgery @ Purple Heron Hospitals?

Our excellent services have helped hundreds of our patients achieve desired aesthetic results. If you, too, are planning to undergo Face Makeover Surgery, here are a few reasons to choose us:

  • Most advanced surgical & rehabilitation centre in India
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure to ensure top-rated treatment & care
  • A team of experienced Plastic Surgeons with exceptional skills
  • Futuristic tools & O.T. that ensure excellent results.

Here’s a quick look at our Infrastructure & Facilities:

We have an Ultra-modern, ergonomically advanced, state-of-the-art Operation Theatre designed to prevent infection or cross-contamination.

ZEISS TIVATO 700: Rajasthan's 1st Advanced Microscope

It is an advanced visualization system that can transform possibilities into realities. It visualizes with 4k Roddy, ensuring ultimate reach, flexibility and stability. This microscope is Rajasthan's 1st advanced microscope for uncompromised performance.


  • Is Rhinoplasty safe?

    Yes. At Purple Heron Hospitals, we place our patient’s safety & comfort ahead of everything else. With the most advanced infrastructure & experienced teams, we ensure every procedure carried out here is absolutely safe.

  • Which Lip augmentation procedure is better, Permanent or Temporary?

    At Purple Heron Hospitals, we generally recommend temporary lip augmentation. The reason is your lips may change with ageing. So a permanent solution might not help you maintain your facial aesthetics in the longer run.

  • Is a night stay mandatory for the Neck Lift procedure?

    Generally, Neck Lift is an outpatient procedure. This means you can leave the hospital the same day (not on your own) by arranging transportation home. But if we feel a need to monitor you, we might recommend a stay at our hospital.