Micro and Reconstructive Surgery

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At Purple Heron Hospital, we provide a specialized, tailored approach for individuals needing both microsurgeries and reconstructive surgeries. Our dedicated team of skilled surgeons and healthcare professionals aims to restore your health and improve your quality of life.

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Holistic Care in Micro and Reconstructive Surgery


Precise Diagnosis and Treatment

We take a personalized approach to micro and reconstructive surgery. Our team will devise a unique treatment plan to facilitate healing, prevent future complications, and restore normal function and appearance.


Comprehensive Patient Education

Stay informed with our comprehensive educational resources, using the latest research in micro and reconstructive surgical procedures and post-operative care.


State-of-the-Art Surgical Procedures

Begin your recovery with our advanced surgical procedures, designed to address your specific needs. Our microsurgeries are precise and minimally invasive, while our reconstructive surgeries aim to restore both function and appearance.


Rehabilitation and Recovery

Regain your health with our tailored rehabilitation programs, designed to help you recover strength, mobility, and overall wellness after your surgery.


Advanced Post-operative Management

Ensure your successful recovery with our cutting-edge post-operative management program. We offer a multi-faceted approach to treatment and recuperation, from wound care and pain management to physical therapy.

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What Makes Our Micro and Reconstructive Surgery Care Stand Out?

At Purple Heron Hospital, we provide a comprehensive, state-of-the-art approach to microsurgery and reconstructive surgery recovery and rehabilitation. Our team of surgeons, nurses, and therapists collaborate closely to devise a personalized treatment plan that addresses your specific needs and objectives.


Expert Surgical Procedures

Our highly skilled surgeons use advanced, minimally invasive techniques to perform complex microsurgeries and reconstructive surgeries, ensuring a quicker return to normal life.


Innovative Post-operative Care

We offer the latest in post-operative care, from wound care and pain management to physical therapy, to address post-surgical needs and restore function while minimizing recovery time.


Groundbreaking Rehabilitation

Our therapists use leading-edge technologies and evidence-based techniques to help you regain strength, mobility, and balance, promoting a faster and more effective recovery.


Comprehensive Patient Education

Our team provides detailed information on post-operative care, potential complications, and preventive measures to help you maintain your health and prevent future issues.


Personalized Care Plan

We offer personalized care plans that optimize your overall health and well-being, especially during the post-operative recovery phase.

Expert Care for a Successful Recovery

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  • Unsurpassed expertise from a dedicated group of specialists
  • Tailored treatment plans designed to cater to your unique needs and goals
  • Leading-edge therapy for a broad range of health conditions
  • Strong emphasis on preventive strategies, patient education, and enduring results

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Indications for Micro and Reconstructive Surgery

Micro and reconstructive surgeries are sophisticated procedures performed to restore function and appearance in various medical conditions.

Here are some common indications:

Traumatic Injuries

Significant injuries, such as those resulting from accidents or burns, often cause extensive damage to tissues, blood vessels, and nerves. Microsurgery can be used to repair these structures, while reconstructive surgery can help restore the affected area's form and function.

Cancer Surgery

After tumor removal, patients may have a significant loss of tissue. Reconstructive surgery can help restore the body's appearance and function, often using the patient's tissue from other parts of the body. Microsurgery may be utilized to ensure the proper reconnection of blood vessels in the transplanted tissue.

Congenital Defects

Congenital defects, such as cleft lip and palate or hand deformities, can be addressed using reconstructive surgery to improve function and appearance. Microsurgery techniques may be used in complex cases.

Nerve Disorders

Conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome or nerve injuries may require microsurgery for treatment. Surgeons can use microsurgical techniques to repair damaged nerves and restore function.

Vascular Diseases

Microsurgery can be used to treat certain vascular diseases, such as varicose veins or diabetic ulcers, by repairing or replacing damaged blood vessels.

Breast Reconstruction

Women who have undergone mastectomy as part of breast cancer treatment may choose to have reconstructive surgery to rebuild the breast mound, often using the patient's tissue. This surgery often involves microsurgical techniques to reconnect blood vessels in the transplanted tissue.


What is the difference between microsurgery and reconstructive surgery?

Microsurgery involves delicate operations on tiny structures using specialized instruments, such as repairing nerves or blood vessels.
Reconstructive surgery aims to restore function and appearance following trauma, disease, or congenital defects, such as breast reconstruction or repairing facial deformities.