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With Comprehensive Knee Pain Treatments

We refuse to let knee pain stop you from doing what you love.

 Knee pain is rapidly becoming a common health issue that's hampering lives of millions. Generally, this pain stems from the degeneration of ligaments and cartilage due to ageing and wear & tears.

Numerous treatment options are available for knee pain, depending on your condition. At Purple Heron, we have helped thousands of patients get rid of their knee pain with our Comprehensive Knee Pain Treatment.

Understanding Knee’s basic Anatomy

What are the Most Common Causes of Knee Pain?



This is the most common form of Arthritis that causes knee pain. Over time or due to excessive use, the cartilage in the knee around the bone wears down gradually.

It generally affects middle-aged & older individuals. Every year, millions of people become victims of Osteoarthritis across the globe. As this is a progressive disease, people tend to ignore it until the pain becomes unbearable.


Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid Arthritis is an inflammatory Arthritis resulting from the body's immunity not working efficiently. This condition affects people of all ages. In most cases, Rheumatoid Arthritis affects both knees & causes excruciating pain.


Post-traumatic Arthritis

This form of Arthritis is the result of an injury or trauma to the knee joint. The effect might not be visible soon after the trauma. But over time, pain increases & patients struggle even to take a walk.


Other Causes

Other knee pain causes include Gout, Osteonecrosis, Bursitis, Sprain & Overuse of Joints, Synovitis, Torn meniscus or ligaments or any further injury.

Customised Procedures tailored for your unique goals

Here are some common factors that lead to Osteoarthritis:

  • Hereditary
  • Excessive weight
  • Injury to the  joint
  • Overuse due to exercise or sport

Understanding Knee’s basic Anatomy

Understanding Knee’s basic Anatomy

The human knee is a 4-point complex joint. 4 bones viz. Femur, Kneecap, Shinbone & Fibula meet here. Cushioning cartilages are present in the space where these joints meet. The following 4 cartilages shock absorption capacity & stability to the knee joint.

  • The anterior collateral ligament is located at the front of your knee
  • The posterior collateral ligament is located at the rear of your knee.
  • The lateral collateral ligament on the exterior of your knee
  • The medial collateral ligament on the interior of your knee

Knee bones & leg muscles are connected via multiple tendons to facilitate movement.

Knee Pain Treatments: Surgery is NOT the ONLY Option

You don’t always need knee replacement surgery for your knee pain. At Purple Heron Hospitals, we always prefer non-invasive or minimal-invasive treatment options for our patients.

Here, we offer 3 treatment options to our patients, depending on their joint condition & pain.


Non-invasive & Lifestyle-altering treatment

If your knee pain is not substantial & the condition of your cartilage is still good, our experts might suggest a Lifestyle-altering treatment.

To achieve this goal, we assist patients with Medical Management, IV neutraseutical, Personalized Exercise Sessions, Musculoskeletal Specialist-supervised Physiotherapy Sessions & Weight-management.

These non-invasive procedures save the patient from undergoing expensive knee-replacement treatment.


Non-surgical & Minimal-invasive treatment

If your cartilage & joints show signs of some wear & tear, we at Purple Heron Hospitals have options for non-surgical & minimally invasive surgeries.

We offer non-surgical treatments like

Customised Procedures tailored for your unique goals

Here are some common factors that lead to Osteoarthritis:

  • C-arm guided Intra-articular (IA) Corticosteroid Injections
  • C-arm guided Progenitor Cells for regeneration of cartilages,
  • Hyaluronic Acid Injections
  • Arthroscopic Procedures
  • Arthroscopic Procedures
  • Autograft mosaicplasty

Quicker Recovery & Excellent Results

Customised Physiotherapy sessions with Musculoskeletal Specialists
Each procedure at Purple Heron Hospitals is followed by our customised physiotherapy sessions. This helps our patients recover quicker.

Need more information on Knee Pain Treatment?
Our experts are here to help.

You don’t have to live with your pain, We can help you get relief

You don’t have to live with your pain, We can help you get relief
A Quick look at our Facility & Equipment:

We have an Ultra-modern, ergonomically advanced, state-of-the-art Operation Theatre designed to prevent infection or cross-contamination.

ZIESS TIVATO 700: Rajasthan's 1st Advanced Microscope

It is an advanced visualization system that can transform possibilities into realities. It visualizes with 4k Roddy, ensuring ultimate reach, flexibility and stability. This microscope is Rajasthan's 1st advanced microscope for uncompromised performance.


Ergonomically designed & users friendly Operating table.It ensures ultimate comfort for patients in various positions during surgical procedures.


Artificial intelligence-based anaesthesia workstation from world leader G.E. (Detax Omeda). This workstation has a 3-stage safety from hypoxia.


Designed for Ultra H.D. 4K resolution in grey shade. The ergonomically advanced design gives comfort & ease of performing during the surgical procedure.

Therapeutic Liposuction

Research suggests shedding 1 kg can reduce up to 4 kg pressure on the knees. To achieve this goal, we have introduced the Therapeutic Liposuction procedure. Under this procedure, we reduce the fat from the patient's abdomen, significantly cutting their overall weight.

All these treatment options ensure you do not have to undergo complex surgeries & can still get rid of your knee pain.

Knee-replacement Surgery

If the damage to your knee is non-reversible & both sides of your joints are affected, then you will have to undergo Knee Replacement Surgery.

During this procedure, the damaged portion of your knee is removed & replaced with a metallic artificial joint.

At Purple Heron Hospital, we offer Partial & Total Knee-replacement surgery, depending on your knee condition.


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