Super Microsurgery

Super Microsurgery For Lymphedema

Treating patients with the most advanced surgery

Lymphedema, a critical health condition considered untreatable until recently, is now curable. With advances in medical science & technology, it's now possible to beat this disease.

At Purple Heron Hospital, we perform some of the most advanced Super Microsurgeries to treat Lymphedema. We have a team of specialised surgeons who are qualified & trained to perform this surgery & offer relief to the patient

What is Super Microsurgery?

Super Microsurgery is an advanced iteration of traditional microsurgery. With Super Microsurgery, our surgeons can anastomose vessels smaller than 0.8 mm. It's one of the most delicate & advanced surgeries that we perform at Purple Heron Hospitals.

Apart from treating Lymphedema, Super Microsurgeries can be very helpful in other health issues. Especially now, it is possible to treat a non-healing wound of a diabetic patient without amputating the whole section of the body.

What is Lymphedema?

Understanding Knee’s basic Anatomy

Lymphedema is a medical condition in which lymphatic-fluid build-up causes tissue swelling. In the case of Breast Cancer, Lymphedema causes chronic swelling that progresses over time in n the upper extremity ipsilateral to the axillary node dissection. In some cases, the swelling occurs in the region where the radiation treatment has been performed.

This condition is chronic & gets severe over time. Although some Lymphedema therapies are available, the condition was considered untreatable until recently. But not anymore! With the introduction of Super Microsurgery, now it's possible to treat Lymphedema surgically.

Lymphatic Venous Anastomosis (LVA) For Lymphedema

Lymphatic Venous Anastomosis or LVA  is an advanced Super Microsurgery used to treat a bit simpler cases of Lymphedema. We prefer this procedure when patients feel unsatisfied with the alternate Lymphedema management treatment. This procedure is highly effective & can reduce the possibility of advanced Lymphedema.

Under this procedure, the still intact (not damaged) lymphatic vessels are connected to the nearby vein. This allows the lymph fluid to return to the circulatory system in the region away from the heart, reducing the deposition and resultant swelling in the region.

Hospital in India for Super Microsurgery

Super Microsurgeries are extremely rare & the surgeons who can perform them are even rarer! The procedure is new & hence, very few surgeons are qualified for it.
At Purple Heron Hospitals, our surgeons are very well qualified to perform these complex surgeries and treat our patients. With our state-of-the-art Infrastructure, advanced equipment & skilled team, we have helped numerous patients by performing this complex surgery.

Purple Heron Hospitals An epitome of quality care

At Purple Heron Hospitals, we focus on quality care & best results for our patients. Super Microsurgeries are some of the most complex surgeries that require the most advanced technology & well-trained surgeons.
Here, we have both. Every team member will ensure you receive the best care pre & post-procedure. We have a structured recovery plan customised for each individual. This provides a quicker recovery for our patients.
When you are at Purple Heron Hospitals, you can always expect the best.
Here’s why Purple Heron Hospitals is best suited for you:

Unmatched Expertise

At Purple Heron Hospitals, we have some of the best Super Micro surgeons in India. Their expertise has helped us handle even the most complex & challenging microsurgeries in the past.


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